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A Little History

From its humble beginnings of instruction in only eight grade levels in the fall of 1969, David Emanuel Academy has grown to encompass pre-k through twelfth grades. Through these halls, traditions abound and a strong academic curriculum has set the pace for decades.

During the 1960’s, an educational movement was taking place and the need for further instruction without the interference of government was at a peak. It was this push for reform that inspired local parents to refurbish two brick school buildings that had served in years past as Stillmore School. One of such buildings was an impressive two story Greek revival structure that housed an upstairs auditorium and remained in use until it was destroyed by fire on August 14, 2010.

In its first year of operation the school was directed by local business owner and parent, Mrs. Virginia Snell, and originally consisted of only grades first through eighth. Within the next year, under the supervision of Mr. David Beecher, the school’s enrollment increased to encompass twelve grades. It was during his tenure that the school expanded its faculty and extracurricular offerings to help guide DEA into becoming the school it is today.

David Emanuel Academy currently draws students from 7 surrounding counties and has consistently produced both athletic and literary graduates who succeed in continuing an advanced education. It continues to be a cornerstone of success by nurturing a family atmosphere, providing strong academic curriculum, encouraging athletic involvement, and spiritually connecting them all together.

SAIS Accreditation


David Emanuel Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Faculty & Trustees

Head of School 
Haylee Free

Guidance Counselor
Andy Sutton

Director of Development
Agatha McRae

School Improvement Coordinator
Jill Powell

Athletic Director
Clint Inman

Administrative Assistant
Courtney Rowland

Curriculum / Technology / Accreditation Coordinator
Mandy Moore

Tamara Williamson

K3 Aide
Missy Mills

Amy Walden

K4 Aide
Malia Ely

Lindsey Howell

K5 Aide
Kristi Hood

First Grade
Dana Durden

Second Grade / Lower School Coordinator
Stephanie McCullough

Third Grade
Dianne Lawson

Fourth Grade
Donna Rigdon

Middle School Math
Hannah Claxton

Middle School History
Laura Webb

Middle School English / Upper School Coordinator
Laura Moore

Middle School English
Carla Kidd

Middle School Science
Sara Youmans

Maranda Usry

English / Literature
Gregory Lynn

Sara Beall

Clint Inman

Donna Campbell

Computers / Spanish / Yearbook
Lani Garrett

Hannah Way

Performing Arts / Literary
Gregory Lynn

Health / Physical Education
Kristi Flowers

Clint Inman

Clint Inman

Malia Ely

Stephanie McCullough

Cross Country
Maranda Usry

Clint Inman

Allen Jordan

Laura Webb

Kristi Flowers

Clint Inman

Girls Soccer
Stephanie McCullough

James Gunter

Cafeteria Manager
Amanda Tanner

Cafeteria Assistant
Whitney Averett

Rhonda Glover

Cleaning Support
Rachel Hall

Russ Yeomans (Chairman)

Jim Beecher

Bonnie Gowen

Kevin Griner

Matt Daniel

Dean McNure

Desmal Purcell

Mark Hall

Mark Beecher

DEA is currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

  • Spanish Teacher
  • Bus Driver
  • Middle School Girls Basketball Coach

Positions are for the 2020-2021 school year. Resumes should be sent to

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